Prayer for employment in the time of coronavirus

Christ who loved carpenters,
fisher folk, farmers,
fabric merchants, shepherds, and scribes,
we pray for those who are losing jobs
because of the pandemic —

those in the airline industry and hospitality,
those in restaurants and retail stores
of every kind,
those in local and interstate
those in cinemas, live music,
theatres, sports complexes,
local gyms, exercise studios,

school custodians and coaches,
university dieticians,
barbers and hairdressers,
personal trainers and receptionists,

museum docents,
and those involved in manufacturing
of so many products.

We pray for those whose jobs
have become dangerous
because of direct risk of infection,
or equally direct risks
of fear, addiction, frustration,

those who serve a vulnerable population
in residential facility,
therapeutic service,
correctional institution,

and surely we pray for framers, upon whom
so many others depend.

For those whose work hours and loads
have increased, we pray,
as well as many
who are dealing with a public
often ready to vent an internalized anger
on the inconvenience
of a long line or a missing product.

For those who are hunting
for a way to work from home
or wondering
whether they will lose their home,
we pray for refuge.

We pray for those who miss their work
or miss their volunteering
who miss colleagues or customers
audiences or clients.

On this Saturday,
we pray for all of those who suddenly
don’t welcome the weekend.

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3 Responses to Prayer for employment in the time of coronavirus

  1. Hi Maren

    Thanks for your prayer.

    The Methodist Church in New Zealand has today issued an instruction that we stop holding worship services from tomorrow onwards. This is sensible, but it will feel strange not gathering for worship each Sunday.

    Is your local church still holding services?

    I’m due to take the service on 19 April and will look for ways to share the content online, maybe as a Facebook live feed from home, or more likely as a set of pre-recorded videos, text, audio files and images.

    In the last couple of days I have released a collection of my sermons and am in the process of loading eBook and print editions for sale on Amazon etc.

    Here is a link to a free PDF copy of one of the sermons that seemed appropriate to share with people today: Living With Real Hope

    I would be very happy to email you a complimentary PDF copy of the book if you are interested. I have created a page on my website to go with the book that has photos, PowerPoints, video clips and other material that I used in the services at the time.

    Kind regards Philip


    Philip Garside Publishing Ltd Your One-Stop Shop for Book Services Website: Email: Phone: 04 475 8855 Post: PO Box 17160, Karori, Wellington 6147, New Zealand

    • Maren says:

      Philip — I would love a PDF! And yes we’ve been online for church. I think Live is better because even with mistakes it is a different content from watching television and computer all day (which a lot of people are doing) — there can be interactive prayer concerns and even the occasional “mistake” feels more like church. I’ve taken to not apologizing but comparing the online church service to what Paul, James etc were trying to do with their letters in the early church — when they could not be together, they sent a letter.

  2. Amen beautiful Maren.

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