Prayer for those in or anticipating financial insecurity

God, I feel it is so wrong to be worried
about my own or my family’s
financial well-being.
when I should focus on praying
for those who are sick
and those who are “the helpers.”

Forgive me, forgive us
for we keep looking around Holy Week,
hoping to see our own faces
on some of the coins in our pockets —
food, housing, children’s education,
security for a time to come,
maybe a little trip, new shoes.

In the midst of pandemic
we wonder about jobs,
the plunging value of a pension,
the cow’s milk poured out,
the fish already caught
that no restaurant will buy,

not to speak of the no-tips
from that closed,
also fishless, restaurant,
which doesn’t need the cheese
made from the milk …
and nobody is going to buy a car
to go … so, if I get to buy shoes
they won’t be pretty ones …

And I am praying for the sick,
but tuition … and adjuncts won’t be paid …

and I am so very, very glad
your prayer inbox can hold it all,
including my prayer for the sick
and the helpers,
and those food insecure or foreclosed,
and me. Amen

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