Guest Post — Elaine S. Gaitani — Beware the Illusion

Holy Week & Covid -19 — Beware The Illusion!
Rev. Elaine S. Gaetani

Do not look for me in refrigerated trucks, I am not there, I did not die.
Do not throw open the metallic back doors as you would roll away the stone.
For what you shall see is now only a lie.
Do not confuse the robe of my soul with my true Self,

I am eternal, I did not die.

Do not look for me among the human remains
that somehow speak to your poor breaking heart of
disrespect, disregard & dishonor……….

NO! Know, my love, Know that I have been honored by the angels
and by God ‘s very Presence as I passed over.
As a snake sheds her skin, so too did I!
Do not cling to the dead skin, but look to the sky!

I am the thousand sparking waves of light upon the sunlight sea
I am the cooling gentle breeze upon the fragrant spring air.
I am that bird singing high over your head, flying free in eternity.
I am the night sky with its depth of stars that cannot begin to exhibit how
Expansive the Love of God is to those of us who have passed during this time.
Unattended in your eyes, but truly attended by the Angels in God’s Eye!

Do not weep and wail over my remains, but dance and sing
Over my new found freedom.
My love for you could never be housed in my earthly body alone,
But comes with me and is sent back to you from here to eternity.

It is Larger than you & I combined. It is ancient as the farthest star beyond.
So please, my beloved, do not allow the surface appearance of
What has happened to “me” be confused with the Truth of God’s Love
And what IS Happening To ME, that is no longer me! I am One with Thee.

In times such as these, God’s bands of heavenly hosts work around the clock,
In a Realm where there is No time.
Both from earth and from heaven above,
being certain, absolutely certain
That no soul shall be left alone, or unattended, nor forgotten.
That is only an illusion, as are my empty unburied remains in that cold truck.
See with the eyes of love and know, and know, and know again
That I am here as a particle of light beaming straight to your heart. And I am there in the heaven’s farthest reaches, dancing to the cosmic song of God’s Creation.
And it is Good!

Do not look for me among the dead, I am not there, I did not die.

Elaine Gaetani has shared this call to us all in the midst of this time. Elaine is a UCC Pastor, Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, Moderator for MA.Central Association Board of Directors SNECUCC, spouse, mother & grandmother.

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6 Responses to Guest Post — Elaine S. Gaitani — Beware the Illusion

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love this. Thank you!

  2. Jessica McArdle says:

    What an uplifting reflection! Thank you for posting this, Maren. And thank you, Elaine, for sharing it.

  3. Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson says:

    Thank you so much for this! It has inspired my call to worship for this Sunday. What a gift!

  4. An Inspiration! Thank you Elaine! Looking forward to hearing from you again.

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