A Confession in a Season of Coronavirus

God, we confess our emotional isolation,
and pray for forgiveness
for spiritual distance from others.

Some of us are desperately lonely
and assume what defines quarantine
is endless streaming,
books, new recipes, facetime,
and envying those with family in flesh.

Some of us long for a half hour alone
that is not in the shower,
and wonder how long till our families
forget that really bad burst of temper.

Most of us do not pray daily
for those unsafe-in-place, locked down
with those who endanger their lives.

God, our empathy is withered
and we do not try enough to walk a mile
in another’s mask and gloves.

Assurance of Grace
The opening of the heart does not wait for the re-opening of schools or economies or social protocol. We are never deserted or trapped. Never alone and always alone, we are forgiven.

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10 Responses to A Confession in a Season of Coronavirus

  1. Jessica McArdle says:

    Amen! O God, compel us to open our hearts in this time of emotional as well as physical isolation.

    • Maren says:

      Indeed, I hear so many who feel their experience is the only difficult one and that others have it easy. Only between these two groups — all realize how difficult life is for essential workers.

  2. nancyros2013 says:

    Thank you. I am sharing this tomorrow. Also the feedback from your virtual communion liturgy was extremely positive. Thanks again. Nancy Duncan

  3. Jeffrey Geary says:

    Thank you Maren.


  4. Linda says:

    I so appreciate the way you start by addressing God and then use every day situations as examples of what we’re struggling with – too much aloneness … too much togetherness. Anger. Sadness.
    Difficult times. It is true that we can feel helpless to help because we really are, in so many ways. I ask God/Love to flow through me so that’s it’s a constant source and doesn’t require refilling any empty vessel inside me. I am a conduit and assuming that love can do miracles even in our sequestered circumstances.

  5. if we did we’d shut up and sit down ,somewhere “to walk a mile in another one’s mask and glove”

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