Prayer after the Nova Scotia Shootings

God, in a time of viral death
we are unprepared for violent death
in a time when we are taught
that staying-at-home is safest,
we are shocked
by invasion of home,
and death on the city street,

and what is so sadly back-page-news
in Canada’s southern neighbor,
moves to the front of our hearts,
for, Holy One, we grieve
the seventeen people fallen
to gun violence from Portapique
to Enfield, Nova Scotia.

We pray for your gentle comfort
to surround those who mourn
in memories and tenderness.
Be a refuge for those
whose homes were burned
and ease fear in this country
that works hard to prevent gun tragedy.

And we pray for law enforcement
who realize how very easily
a car and a uniform
can camouflage a terrible threat.

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8 Responses to Prayer after the Nova Scotia Shootings

  1. rezrevres says:

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness in these incredibly sad circumstances, Maren. Possibly we Canadians have become somewhat inured to such tragedies, and think that these senseless mass killings always occur elsewhere. Any such pretension has now been brutally torn away from our collective psyche. Thank you for your profound words and sentiment.

    • Maren says:

      Canada is soooooooo much better than we are in regulations. thank God for Canada and that is why they are so rare. And still how sad that such a terrible thing is buried because we are so very focused on the pandemic that not much else gets coverage.

  2. Thank you for your gentle prayers that so touch the heart.

  3. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    I am continually amazed by your diligent awareness and sensitive response to tragedy no matter where in the world it happens, regardless of your own situation, currently diabolical!

    I thinking of sharing this with my worship leaders’ network. It is too easy for us insular Kiwis to remain unmoved by the plight of others. Our ‘shocking headline news’ of yesterday was a man with a machete causing property damage along one Auckland street and terrifying a family resulting in one person being seriously injured. Bad, yes, but so minor compared to the daily violence experienced throughout the American Continents.

    • Maren says:

      In so many ways I wish our country were more “Kiwi.” Thanks you so much for mentioning my trying to reach out and pray for other places and situations. I hope that I can do that and try very hard to do so but I know that many times I fail because we do not get the news … or I am too tired or busy to read it.

  4. Amen, God let this not be our new normal…

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