Prayer for Yom Hashoah

G-d, I remember
my father’s remembering
of liberating Dachau prison camp,
and his last words always —
may this never happen again.

Others remember the stories of family,
the words of a teacher,
and a few are alive who remember
the Holocaust itself.

We remember the whirlwind of terror
in the midst of the eye of the storm
that is pandemic,
and the names and candles
are shared virtually.

Hear our grief, hold the prayers
of Jews in all places,
and the honoring by people
of all faiths and none,

in all seasons,
and in the midst of all experiences —
for bubbles are clear
so we may not hide in them
from the present or the past.
Let us never forget.

(Shoah means whirlwind in Hebrew)

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