Earth Day, 2020

A bird wakes me and it is Earth day.
It is the fiftieth one,
and on every one of them
I have been doing something.

Today I am only listening.

I planned to write a celebration,
but instead I am wondering
how many animals
and how many plants
have become extinct in fifty years.

Humans are in the midst of a pandemic,
and, so we understand this year
what it is like
to be a part of the earth.

I am not angry or sad
or even on putting on the bright feathers
of my activism,
though I will do that again,
probably tomorrow.

Today I am extraordinarily grateful
for the company of the bird.

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14 Responses to Earth Day, 2020

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:


  2. msheehan says:

    Another day we get to wake up and listen. Thank you Maren.

  3. Deane says:

    ❤️ breathing with you

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  5. Jessica McArdle says:

    Yes, grateful for the appearance of a single sparrow who remained for a long while on this Earth Day.

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