Guest Post — Calling All Contemplatives: Mystics, Ministers, Intercessors, and Dreamers! Love in the time of Covid-19, Elaine Gaetani

Calling All Contemplatives:
Mystics, Ministers, Intercessors, and Dreamers!
Love in the time of Covid-19
Rev. Elaine S. Gaetani

Elaine Gaetani has shared this extraordinary call to us all in the midst of this time. Elaine is a UCC Pastor, Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, Moderator for MA.Central Association Board of Directors SNECUCC, spouse, mother & grandmother.

“Fear not! For I am with you.”
For so long now, you have been praying and practicing,
sitting and meditating, discerning and learning
behind closed doors,
as you reach out to others In God’s Name, so too you have reached within
seeking to answer God’s call to Listen for that Still Small Voice within your Heart,
to take notice of the call of the hawk, the spiral swirl of leaves in the wind,
the low piercing call of the owl at night,
To notice the field covered in the moving waves of orange from the monarch butterfly,
The formation of the clouds, and the rainbow in the sky.
To take notice of the inner and outer mirrors or seeming “coincidences.”
The longing of your soul, the sensitivity of your heart.
And how hard it can be to live in this world.

Yes, the pain in your heart is also My Pain. Your tears are My Tears. Your grief is My grief, says your God. But So too, My Joy, can now be your joy. My Peace, can now be your peace.
You have been called to believe in the dreams that the Holy Spirit
has placed within your heart, to dream of The Divine Reign and Realm
here and now, right here on earth as it is in heaven. Where we are One.
You have been called to trust in your deeply personal experience of God with us,
To know that what is within is without, what is above is below.
To recognize the flow and synchronicity of each moment, or lack there of.
“So Come now and follow me,” says your God.
“Your time has come, Our time has come
The Hour is now, the Place is Here.”
to open wide the portals of your cloistered doors and hearts,
even as you shelter in place, open wide in prayer to and for one another.
…….and invite the world to come and see and experience for themselves
That God is Good.
That God is God.
That God, the Great “I am” is with you now and always.
That deep in the Silence we are All One…………
That there is no place you can go, where God is not,
“All People of the world are my people,” says your God.
Through many paths, religions, rituals, and beliefs,
Through many cultures, traditions, orientations, and nationalities,
Through many countries, times and places…….
Each of us shall come to the Truth, This Truth
Through many a trial and many a tribulation.
And indeed it is God’s Grace that has brought us safe thus far!
That In the Silence we are All One.
In the Spaciousness of Being We are One.
Above the noise of voice, the clamor of thought,
the spinning of reason and opinion,
We are One, beyond doxology, dogma, and doctrine,
We are One, beyond documents, duties & degrees………….
Beyond the region of ego of mine vs. yours
We are One.
Each of you a unique and perfectly different expression of The One.
The Holy One, The Eternal One, The Everlasting One, The Singing One,
The Redeeming One, The Dancing One, The Forgiving One, The Healing One
The All Loving One:
And we Re-mem-ber, we gather as members. One of Another.
Jesus, Love Incarnate, beckons to each of us to, “Abide in me as I abide in you.”
And thus we re-mem-ber
As Oscar Wilde wrote in days gone by, (which is
really the Eternal Now, where past, present and future are but One,)
When he said:
“There is a land of the living
And the land of the dead
So Come! Climb over that Bridge In the Sacred Silence. Look through the eyes of Love.
Be my Bridge, says your God.
Be my Love in this world.
Be my Unity in this world.
Be my Oneness
Where neither time, nor distance, dis-ease, nor space, age, nor gender, orientation nor organization, race, nor religion, life nor death
Can separate us from This Holy Love.
Come and See! Come and See! Says your God.
Sit quietly for a while and ask for Love to enter in.
Then we shall all know that In The Sacred Silence
We are all One.
There is time for this now. There is space for this now.
Let us Be …………..Let us enter Into The Silence Together. Amen and Amen.

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10 Responses to Guest Post — Calling All Contemplatives: Mystics, Ministers, Intercessors, and Dreamers! Love in the time of Covid-19, Elaine Gaetani

  1. Jessica McArdle says:

    A sublime summons and awakening! Thank you for sharing Elaine’s gift with us, Maren!

  2. Debra Fontaine says:

    Thank you for writing this for us, Elaine, and for sharing, Maren! Beautiful!!
    Rev. Debbie Pallatto-Fontaine

  3. Kathy says:

    Thank you, I needed this. Blessings to you

  4. smstrouse says:

    Thank you so much for this. It arrived just when I needed it.

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