A Prayer for Mother’s Day, 2020

God, shattered around us shine
broken pieces of mothering this year —

the longing to touch hands
that are sheltered in place
but not this place

new grieving
and old grieving renewed,

surprising nurturers found —
some who have
no biological links.

Also scattered here are the good,
the bad and the not-facebook —
of eight weeks gentle-grumpy caring
for pre-schoolers,
the hair-pulling of home-schooling,
or roller-coaster of adolescence
never intended
to be endured peer-free
and queasy with spring semester

Here is newly imperfect parenting,
some hard old mistakes,

and the recognition that few
resemble pieces of chocolate
in the russell stover box
(descriptions on inside cover)

so much as a mix of glass and stones
from which pieces
we form a unique, wholly personal
mosaic of being mothered
and of nurturing,

for some of us, the uneven floor
upon which we stand,
for others an icon into which we gaze
to glimpse the sliver of love.

Gypsey girl

The Gypsy Girl Mosaic of Zeugma wikimedia commons

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2 Responses to A Prayer for Mother’s Day, 2020

  1. Elisa says:

    Lovely. I have passed this along to my pastor as she finalizes tomorrow’s message. (: Thank you.

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