I remember

My Daddy used to drive a truck
up Interstate 35,
Des Moines to Minneapolis
and back again home,
and I used to sit in the cab
and watch him change the gears.

There are so many weapons —
knees, trucks,
and the weight of racism
that takes the breath from us all.

Listen to the young people
who take their words to the streets.
Watch them change the world,
steer us home.

For international readers — a person drove a tractor trailer on closed off Interstate 35 in Minneapolis at peaceful protestors with a permit to demonstrate. When he was taken from the truck protestors surrounded and protected him from any retaliation.

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2 Responses to I remember

  1. When people talk about the 35 W bridge, my first thought is of the day it fell and so many people jumped into the water to rescue and save the victims. Last night, a young friend was on the bridge when the semi was plowing through. Thankfully she got home safe.

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