On the proper use of a mask

The proper use of a mask
is to prevent respiratory droplets
from entering the air,
staying, staying, staying
and being breathed in or swallowed
or resting on someone’s open eye.

Then there is this:
The proper use of the mask
is to shut up words like these —

Well, they are over sixty …
have a condition …
black or Latinx …
in a memory care unit, not really a life.

Or some new ones —

well, they must have gone
to the beach or a bar …
probably voted for Trump …
I bet they weren’t even wearing a mask …
what do you expect from Texas?

I put on or pull up my mask
and that means
I care about someone
whose story I do not even know.

Protecting me?

If we are talking about
poison in the air,
I think I’ll take my chances
with the respiratory droplets.

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8 Responses to On the proper use of a mask

  1. Amen. If I have to choose my poison, I’ll take the droplets, too.

  2. Stephen Price says:

    I really love this Maren…even as I am judged by it

  3. Maren says:

    Yep, where do we get our material?

  4. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    There are times when I can comfortably set this up for instagram, but not today. Thank you Maren.

  5. This is something that there’s a lot of ignorance on–the proper usage of a mask. Some wear it as a chin strap, some just cover their mouth, some don’t use it at all.

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