Summer day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Summer defines itself by today —
sun shining but breeze that blows
the July humidity away.

I’ve come in from walking the dog
from a wide palette of day lilies,
columbine, morning glory, zinnia,
coneflower, brown-eyed susans
bright blue hydrangea,
as showy as a prom dress,
making up
for the loss of the dance this year.
Small blooms in the wood,
with butterflies around them,
have names I’ve never learned.

There was some rain last night
and it lit the colors —
even the bird wings are brighter

here in Portsmouth,

where the republican campaign rally
was cancelled for bad weather …

or poor attendance.

I am so very grateful
that beauty
is not on that candidate’s platform.

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6 Responses to Summer day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

  1. Lorna E King says:

    glad the weather was able to have some positive impact on your life! The photo of the daylilies is lovely. And the image of the hydrangea as prom dresses!

    • Maren says:

      Thank you. It was a time of joy and great relief that the Trump for re-election rally, anticipated by him for 10,000 people was cancelled for “bad weather.”

  2. elainebolitho says:

    I appreciate your post in the middle of our New Zealand winter – blessings to you for celebrating the good things that our God keeps us provided with us – come Covid, elections or anything else! Elaine

  3. Maren says:

    You have passed midway and soon will have spring!

  4. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    So glad the coyote didn’t arrive

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