If Jesus gave us parables … why do we respond with creeds?

Parabler’s Creed

I believe in God, the Hen All-Sheltering,
Creator of mustardseed and yeast;
and in Jesus the Vine, Door, and Living Water
who was conceived by the Wind,
born of the Magnifier,
suffered under a builder of bigger barns,
burst the old wineskins,
died like the least of every generation,
and was hidden like treasure.

Jesus met those in the pig-yard;
and the third day was found
by those who kept oil for their lamps;

Jesus ascended into the (Zoom) wedding banquet,
and sits at the right hand of the Shepherd
(with the beggar at the gate on the other side
and a dog curled at their feet;)
from thence Jesus comes
to the hungry, thirsty, strangers, convicts,
and COVID patients on ventilators.

I believe in the Dove and the Flame,
the abundant but stinking Fishnet
(OK there’s looking at you — Church),
the Inn a Samaritan trusts,
a ring, sandals, fatted Beyond burger for all of us,
equal pay for all the workers in the vineyard,
and a Holy Lost and Found
of coins, sheep and remarkable pearls.

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16 Responses to If Jesus gave us parables … why do we respond with creeds?

  1. Elisa says:

    Most especially the remarkable pearls. (: What a rich montage of scriptural images freshly read. . .

  2. Stephen Price says:

    Oh wow! Just wow! This is incredible. Thank you. I would like to perhaps use it in tomorrow’s service (“perhaps” because my sermon isn’t written).
    Thanks again for challenging us to step into the freedom of the Kingdom.

  3. barrieshep@aol.com says:

    beautifully done, Maren!There’s a creed I can recite,even say “Amen” to.Barrie


  4. Christine says:

    I am sorry Australia is too far away for you to hear my joyful laughter! Thank you, thank you, you lift up my spirit and bring me joy in a very grey day. Love and laughter to you, Maren

  5. Christine MacDowall says:

    You will be so very welcome. The dangers are really close here just now, so its encouraging to be able to anticipate some good times ahead.

  6. Barbara Messner says:

    I love this Parabler’s Creed – this is the quirky, counter-cultural, compassionate, metaphor making Jesus I believe in too. Thank you for describing him in such unforgettable words. Barbara Messner

  7. faithgoddess says:

    This is just fabulous! I used it for opening church council devotion.
    At last, a creed I can actually say.

  8. I love your images and your parable wit. Thanks!

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