Prayer for the Wildfires in the US West

God, across the fires of Oregon,
of California, of Washington,
of Colorado,
weep down your blessing.

Comfort those who grieve
those they have loved –
family, friends, neighbors,
from the oldest to an unborn child.

Home around all
who have lost house, land, work,
places where food was grown
and beauty was found.

Send faces of compassion,
masked faces, who understand
people’s doubled fear
of evacuation in a time of pandemic.

Sustain those who rescue and respond
and those who fight the fires.
Give breath in the smoke
escape for creatures,

and hope in tomorrow.

May there be rain from the clouds
and a rain of kindness. amen.

This is a small prayer for every time I wash my hands, which is something I do often since March. Words like these (not exact, just simple ones) help children who want to pray.

God, as I open the faucet,
open my heart to those facing fires.
As water pours here,
may help and hope flow there.
Like a soft towel,
wrap your love around loss,
and your safety around firefighters.

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8 Responses to Prayer for the Wildfires in the US West

  1. dabar96 says:

    “Home around all…”

    Yes, please!

  2. Jessica McArdle says:

    Yes, rain from the clouds and a rain of kindness. Your prayer for children is being posted next to our own sink. Thank you, Maren.

  3. yes God please hear us…

  4. Thanks for the prayers. I have a friend in that region who feels she can’t be out much because of all the smoke, due to all the fires.

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