On the Basis of Gratitude — Grieving Ruth Bader Ginsberg


… the people stayed in Kadesh. Miriam died there, and was buried there.
Now there was no water for the congregation (Numbers 20:1b-2a)

We remember and celebrate
the life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg –
her struggles in law school,
and the legal profession,
her love of Marty and her children,

her teaching and writing,
her changing, brief by brief,
old injustices,
choosing the cases of male plaintiffs
to support the rights of women,

her unswerving support of liberal causes
that did not stifle her friendship
with conservative judges,

her years on the Supreme Court
decisions that became
the meticulous underpinning
of human hopes,
dissents to name the dangers of our times.

We remember and celebrate
all the accomplishments
and her laughter,
the courage and the commitment.

We stop to be so very grateful
before we begin to be so very sad –

for she, like the prophet Miriam
so long ago,
protected the most vulnerable
and lifted the tambourine
for freedom and justice,

and now we are afraid,
that the people may be without water.

(“On the Basis of Sex” was a 2018 movie based on Ruth Bader Gindsberg’s younger years)

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13 Responses to On the Basis of Gratitude — Grieving Ruth Bader Ginsberg

  1. yes indeed, may she from all her labor…

  2. Jessica McArdle says:

    Amen. Gratitude for this truly remarkable, trail-blazing woman.

  3. msheehan says:

    Amen. Thank you Maren for helping us to “stop to be so very grateful
    before we begin to be so very sad.” There is understandably a rush to worry and action. O for the long Shiva.

  4. dabar96 says:

    May our lament give us the courage to journey from the rivers of Babylon to a place where hope’s vineyard welcomes everyone; a place where love is not a commodity, but the very breath we breathe.

  5. Thank you for expressing what I’ve been feeling, gratitude for a life well lived, and a fearful hole for justice left behind in the Supreme Court.

  6. Mary Mason says:

    Your beautiful words are a balm for my heart. Thank you!

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