Prayer for World Teachers’ Day

God, we give thanks for teachers –
the ones who changed each of our lives,
and the ones who are changing lives now
for people older or younger.

For gifts of training freely given,
and gifts of imagination
in constant new constellation,
for hours of planning and correcting,
hours of meeting and workshopping,
and hours taken
from family, friends, exercise … sleep.
And especially for gifts of caring
That notice and respond to needs
no one else may see –
we give thanks.

For the nimble management
of in-person, virtual and hybrid classes,
the grave risks
in a season of coronavirus
and an era of school-based gun tragedy –
we give thanks.

For just showing up smiling
for a kindergartener or HiSET student,
for preschool and college chaos,
for culinary school, band,
athletic coaching, Special Needs –
English Language Learning,
and so many other unique subjects –
we give thanks.

And we give thanks
for teachers who must take leave this year,
much joked-upon substitutes,
and retired teachers
who find new ways to be educators
every single day.

And thanks for those
left out of my incomplete assignment,
(and that algebra teacher who never gave up)
for their work is written in a chalk of love
that can never be erased.

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5 Responses to Prayer for World Teachers’ Day

  1. Laurie L Rowan says:

    Amen! Than you, Maren. You write as if you have experienced teaching firsthand. My third and fourth graders will always be my kids!

  2. Timothy Harbert says:

    Thank You, so much.

  3. Such a beautiful prayer of gratitude for the teachers in our lives. I think of how difficult teaching is in an ordinary time, and how much harder it is now. All teachers need our prayers and our gratitude.

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