Psalm 133 for Coming Out Day

How very hopeful and life-giving it is
when coming out is experienced in community!
The sweet and precious knowing on the inside
poured out and running over –
maybe with wonder and newness,
maybe with the letting go
of so many, long-held defenses,
maybe risking danger
or loss of tender relationships –
finds a new holy kindred­
when shared among faces of acceptance.

It spills out over everything —
a laughter that won’t stop till the belly hurts,
tears shiny on cheeks, damp down the collar.

Coming Out is a little like dew,
a sparkling on the thirsty spirit,
that becomes part of life when the sun rises,
and it is also like a mountain – strong, true,
seen by others from a distance,
so they do not lose their way.

This is a day God has ordained
as a blessing –
God, whose wisdom no one can own,
whose love no one can limit,
gives a blessing no one can take away.

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8 Responses to Psalm 133 for Coming Out Day

  1. Jessica McArdle says:

    Yes, thank you, God, for a love that no one can limit.

  2. Wilma says:

    Acceptance, a powerful word, neccasry, Thanks Maren.

  3. Jerry Hebenstreit says:

    Hi, Maren, Thank you for this post. I like most of them (no, I won’t point out the ones I am less fond of!), but this one resonated especially. Our church always struggles with Coming Out Day because it seems to always coincide with the beginning of our Stewardship Drive and we can’t quite get to disentangling them. Still, we try to recognize Coming Out Day in a way that gives more than lip service — we are an Open & Affirming (UCC and Disciples of Christ), Reconciling (UMC), and More Light (PC-USA) congregation. We voted on that six or seven years ago. We do our best to live up to it.
       But what really struck me in the post was that it is non-specific. I reread it as a paean to everyone who comes out from whatever holds them back from being their true selves. I think that’s vital — to be universal. If we celebrate one person’s effort to come out of whatever, we need to celebrate everyone. It reinforces the commonality of the struggle and, I think, forces us to respect all who struggle. We can’t ignore a struggle because it’s “them”; it’s “us” at one time or another; we need to be as supportive as we can because we want them to support our own struggles. Some struggles are harder and some require more immediate attention, but all need to be recognized and encouraged.
    Don’t know if you intended that, but I sure appreciated it.

    • Maren says:

      Thank you, Jerry, and lovely to hear from you after a long time. Thanks for your deep reading and, yes, I did intend what you say, but it really comes out of the Psalm itself that I used which is so very inclusive. (funny thing about scripture that way)

      • Jerry Hebenstreit says:

        I had a suspicion of your intent, but you just never want to assume. I used your post (with full credit, of course) with our meditation group this week (via email – we’re not up to Zoom yet) and got many thanks, which I pass on to you. Gotta keep reminding ourselves that we are ALL God’s children. Hope you are well. Loved your post today — reminded me of sharing blueberry pie (if memory serves) in your kitchen once in an earlier age.

      • Maren says:

        Yes, indeed, that was a lovely time. This year neither the blueberries nor apples have done well with the drought … kind of doing their best like us during the pandemic.

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