Pie and Zoom

We meet friends on Zoom,
or Facetime or Skype, (something we decided
not to complain about,
because too many conversations
are prefaced by digital whining)

and this time,
instead of a meeting agenda
for justice action or worship planning,
or a very useful webinar,
or even a concert, poetry reading,
gallery talk,

we just visit for a while,
about our day and books and memories,
and chipmunks we saw on a walk,
and a gorgeous new mask,

(because you can’t be shoe-proud
in a time when nobody sees them, right?)

and we name aloud sadnesses,
than come around each year
(how I miss you, Mama)
and mention people who need compassion,
and limit political news to ten minutes
(ignoring it would be taking
ostrich to the extreme).

And I realize this is such a good talk
because we decided
to have it with pie,
(one cooks and one goes to the bakery)

and, in a time of virtual connection,
a simple act of preparation,
of hospitality shared
on the fork
of a strange season,

helps us taste our friendship.

Perhaps pie would improve town halls????

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4 Responses to Pie and Zoom

  1. Salam Tims says:

    Pie makes anything better. IMO opinion, the ostrich is mental health icon in these times,

  2. rezrevres says:

    If you serve pie at all your meetings, count on my attendance!

  3. Maren says:

    It is when people prepare pie and anticipate the meeting and stop and eat as well as talk or just drink coffee that something can happen in spite of the distance of virtualing.

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