Prayer for Turkey and Greece

God, we pray for the countries
of which Paul wrote
they were one holy Body,
sharing honor and sharing weeping,
and they were citizens with saints
in the household of God.

All their cornerstones
were shaken by the earthquake
under the Aegean Sea.
As buildings fell
and floods rushed upon them,
each country was willing
to send aid to the other.

We give thanks for this generosity,
remarkable stories of rescue,
and commitment to rebuilding,
and we pause to hold
in the gentle hands of our tradition
those thirty-nine saints
of many traditions
for whom their dear ones grieve.


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3 Responses to Prayer for Turkey and Greece

  1. Salam Tims says:


  2. Elisa says:

    Thank you for praying for these. I have such dear friends in Izmir. It is such a beautiful city, full of beautiful people. . .

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