Guest Post – Election Day Prayer by Carol Hallman

Carol Hallman, a frequent contributor here has written what is, in essence, the perfect election prayer. May we all pray it from our hearts

There’s an election coming, O God
And we the people are divided
By politics
By policies
On issues ranging from refugees to poverty
To racism and sexism and even ageism

Names are called
Anger spreads
Fears too
Some are afraid of voter fraud
Others voter suppression
Even wearing masks
Has become political

Many of our families, O God
Are divided and refuse
To speak to each other
Brother against sister
Sister against mother

It’s tearing our very
Soul as a nation and as
A people

It is a sign of our brokenness
A sign of our failure to
Live love
Be love
Grow love
Share love

Hold onto us O God
As election day approaches
Let us trust in your love
Your grace
Your forgiveness
To help us find a way
To build bridges
To find a path through

Remind us again
Of not just our belovedness
But the belovedness of
Those with whom we disagree
Remind us that whoever wins
We are the ones
That make our community
Our state and our country
What it is and what it becomes

Open our ears so we may listen
Open our eyes so we may see
And open our arms so that
We might come together through love

Love of you and love of neighbor

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5 Responses to Guest Post – Election Day Prayer by Carol Hallman

  1. dabar96 says:

    This, Lord, for us all!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful and touching prayer today. We so need to see the belovedness in each other.

  3. Linda says:

    All good, seeing the belovedness in others to the best we are able. I can “see” it in a philosophical way, not always in a “heart” way. Sometimes I must, as advised in Matthew, “leave the city and shake the dust off my feet.” Just saying.

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