Prayer for Kabul

God, we pray for the parents
grieving their student children,
shot and killed –
nineteen yesterday
at Kabul University
and twenty-four last week
at an education center.

We pray for the wounded
and those who care for them.

We pray for the friends
and the neighbors,
for those they have not yet married,
for children unborn,

for Afghani people
filled with ongoing fears,
and many students who will stay home
and let go of their education,

and we grieve for ourselves
bereft of gifts
that these young people
would have given the world.


(I also pray today for my native country, the United States, on this day of election, but I confess that I am so often focused on this place, as if it were the pivot of the world. I ask for the prayers of others for us today as we humbly reach out our hands for your intercession)

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11 Responses to Prayer for Kabul

  1. Wilma Wheeler says:

    So sad! Children are the light of my world.

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  2. Jnana Hodson says:

    One of my measures for poetry is whether it rises to the level of vocal ministry arising in the silence of Quaker worship. And there, prayer is often the most intense preaching, however pithy.
    I think, too, of the prevalence of “you” in modern poetry and the question of just whom is being addressed. Many times, I’ve sensed, its not just any lover but the Holy One.
    And then there’s a practice of “praying the headlines,” taking news stories even at random and raising them up.
    In the right heart, it makes for a potent mixture. Maybe this really is the role of the poet-priest.

  3. Deane says:

    Grieving and praying with you. ❤️

  4. It is too much to grieve…

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