Guest Post from Barbara Messner “Entrusted to Make the Best of What We’re Given”

Barbara Messner of South Australia speaks to Matthew 25 – the story often called “The Parable of the Talents

There are talents we’ve been given here at hand –
ingenuity, resources, power enough –
to turn back the ticking clocks of climate change,
and restore the fraught ecology of earth.

Still we bury that potential out of fear
of the consequences even if we’re right.
What does head in sand style leadership avoid –
loss of present profit, influence and pride?

There are harsher repercussions that await
any failure to accept a timely role
in the restoration that might save the world.
For what profit is a short-term bonus now

if our children’s children can’t escape the doom
of the outer darkness, wails and gnashing teeth?
Yes, to those who venture nothing, all is lost,
while abundance flows to those who risk their more.

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