Remembering lyrics by Al Stillman

“There’s no place … but home
for the holidays,”
I heard someone complain.
Oh, I hope it wasn’t me,

because there are so many other places –
holding one’s child
in a dripping refugee tent,

lying in a hospital bed,
fantasizing that the IV pole
is a real visitor,
or maybe an angel with all that silver,

watching every empty table
in a small restaurant that opened
with so many dreams,

awaiting trial
in a correctional facility
afraid the expected
“year with time served”
will be a death sentence.

Also not home are
so many essential and hard jobs,
eviction, depression, grief,
a manger,
an oasis under a star.

If you want to be happy not a million ways,
but a few sweet ones,
travel your money, prayer, gifts,
phone calls, car parades,
food for a pantry, zooming face.

Because no matter how far
you’d like to roam,
if there’s no place but the damn house
for the holidays,
you’ll have given someone
love that makes a home.

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4 Responses to Remembering lyrics by Al Stillman

  1. Mike Bone says:

    Maren, this is so good. I appreciate how you curate as well as create. May the joy of Advent and the surprise of Christmas blossom in your home!

  2. Titia Bozuwa says:

    This really speaks to me! Thank you, Maren.

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