Prayer for Epiphany evening, 2021

God, the US Capitol has been secured,
but the people are not secure.

There is a curfew in Washington
but the country cannot sleep.

It is Epiphany.

We have trusted the guidance
of a holy star,
and now we must make a new map
of compassion and wisdom,

and find another way
to travel together,
with justice and reconciliation,

another way to define home
as a dwelling of healing
for illness of body
and of mind and spirit
and comfort for those who grieve,

where lies are not spoken,
weapons are not raised,
and every mouth is covered
by a mask of care
for the most vulnerable in our midst.

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12 Responses to Prayer for Epiphany evening, 2021

  1. Elsa Anders Cook says:

    Wow. I’m truly inspired by your grace and your ability to have words at this moment when I have none. God bless you Maren.

  2. Sue Ellen Hall says:

    Love this… But did you mean ‘mass’ or ‘mask’ of care?

  3. Amen God help us all…

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  5. “God, the US Capitol has been secured,
    but the people are not secure.”
    Thank you for expressing so well, what I’ve been thinking this day.

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  7. Jessica McArdle says:

    This is a gift to us who are bereft and can find no words.

  8. Karen says:

    Beautiful Maren. May I post on FB?

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