Inauguration Words

And so the inauguration,
the one I waited for and worried about,
that had me weeping
again and again

something I don’t think I’ve done
at the Pledge of Allegiance,
as Signed and spoken
by Fire Captain Andrea Hall,

though I laughed with pleasure
at Lady Gaga’s red skirt.

And, who we were there
moved me
from Indigenous Enterprise dancing
to Amanda Gorman’s poetry,
and the rainbow of change
that is Kamala Harris,

but it was words of the speech
that began to set the broken bones
of this democracy,
and stitch wounded flesh
ripped by tweeted hate and lies.

I’ll have time to think about them all
and in different ways,
but what matters to me now

is that I really trust these words
“My whole soul is in it.”

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16 Responses to Inauguration Words

  1. Oh Maren…you nailed it

  2. Sandy Tice says:

    Oh Maren-

    Yes yes yessssss

    Thank you for putting into words the experience of my spirit today And the unexpected tears And the wonder And the relief….

    The relief that the security provisions were sufficient The relief that a grownup is at the mic And that this grownup cares about healing

    The feeling again that we might acknowledge the Holy And our belonging to one another And speak the truth about suffering (A moment of silent prayer?!?)

    I too liked Gaga’s skirt- But burst into tears when she gestured Toward our flag That is Still There…

    O say.

    Let us say: How grateful we are to see a new beginning.

    Love to you from California, where I pastor a church in an underserved neighborhood



  3. Joanne says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! Yes!!

  4. Joyce Ray says:


  5. Titia Bozuwa says:

    You did it again, Maren. Thank you! Exactly reflects my emotions about tis day.

  6. John Bellanti says:

    Lovely thank you.

  7. dabar96 says:

    May we all dare to put our whole souls in it, too!

  8. Charlotte de Lissovoy says:

    “But what if all of animated nature were but organic harps, diversely framed, that trembled into thought as o’er them swept,plastic and vast, at once the Soul of God in each,” “The Aeolian Harp,” Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
    {from Charlotte}

  9. Charlotte de Lissovoy says:

    I wept throughout the ravaging of our Capitol building with all its historic preciousness, its
    seemingly impervious presence. What a dastardly attack on our hopes for our country,
    our hard work. May such egregious actions only buoy our allegances. Charlotte

    • Maren says:

      Many of us did — though there is a difference between weeping in grief and in joy. I believe the joy weeping was at the Inauguration ad the grief or despair at the invasion.

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