Lent (The Purple Season)–Guest Post by Carol Hallman

I am so grateful to Carol Hallman for these words to take us into the Lenten season.

Sackcloth and ashes
a sign of the journey
before us
A journey that winds
through the Galilean
countryside to villages
and small towns

At the sea
fishers are called
to follow

they do
   then they add
       tax collectors
           a zealot
even women
Who leave behind
their past to

He taught
with power
undergirded by
God’s love

He healed
cast out
unwashed and otherwise
unwelcome hordes
of everyday people


He cast out
the money changers
spoke against
the powerful
challenged the way
of things

Religious leaders
began to plot
His demise
His death
Judas, one of his
betrayed Him
Silver pieces
for his soul

The journey
takes us
to breaking bread
pouring wine
garden prayer
arrested and beaten

Marched to
a hill called
the place of the skull
There we find him
on a cross
nailed bleeding

   Forgive them!”
heart wrenching words
as death takes hold

The tomb
waits darkness
silence fills
the air

Disbelief anguish
grief Pain
fill hearts
on that Saturday
of suffering

What now?
they/we wonder
What next?

We forget
as they did
that death
does not have
the final word

We Wait to see
what tomorrow

even as
a brief glimmer
of hope stutters
in our hearts,
because we know
what they forgot
Sunday’s comin’

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5 Responses to Lent (The Purple Season)–Guest Post by Carol Hallman

  1. Jessica McArdle says:


  2. Laurie Rowan says:

    Amen. Thank you, Maren, for turning our hearts and thoughts toward Lent.

  3. Many thanks to Carol Hallman for such a visceral telling of the story.

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