Prayer for Grieving 500,000 Dead of Covid-19 in the United States

Holy One,
who blesses those that mourn
and do not hurry into being comforted,
we sit down into the loss
of those we know,
and those that now
we’ll never have a chance to know.

We grieve the stories they will not live,
the songs they will not sing,
the children they will not have,
the hope they will not offer
to those around them,
the inventions they will not patent,

the art, poetry, ink, music,
shingling a house, legal argument,
good tune-up and tire rotation,
diagnosis, surgical procedure,
gentle placement of a ventilator,
dental cleaning, quilt,
strawberry picking,
produce counter stocking,
life-guard undertow rescue,
lullaby, recipe and vote
that will never be made.

We grieve the birthday candles
on cakes they will never taste.

We grieve for their parents
and their children, their families,
their colleagues and their friends.

We grieve memories slipping away
waiting for memorial services.

We grieve that the very sadness
ebbs away from weariness
or the new whisper of good news.

O God, our masks are wet with tears
and our fingers shake holding balloons
at nursing home windows.

Comfort us, we pray. amen

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10 Responses to Prayer for Grieving 500,000 Dead of Covid-19 in the United States

  1. Mike Bone says:

    Maren, thank you for giving voice to our lament. I preached on the psalms of lament yesterday. How little I knew of them before 2020!
    You are a blessing!

  2. This post is so deeply poignant. It touched my soul. Thank you, my friend.

  3. Thanks you Maren, for once again expressing the thoughts of many of us, in such an eloquent way.

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