Prayer for Romania for Mărțișor

God, I celebrate with Romania
on this Mărțișor – first day of spring,
glad for my friend
who shares her tradition
of the red and white string
worn from this March 1
until the day when trees bloom,
and then hung on the trees.

I confess, Holy One,
that I know so little
about my friend’s home –
joys, sorrows, traditions, crises –
because I wrap myself  
in my own country
as if it were all the world.

I had never seen the sculpture
of Constantin Brâncuși,
read the poetry of Andrei Codrescu,
nor did I know the tragedy
of two covid hospital fires
in the last few months.

Hear my prayer for Romania,
and for my own knowing,
small as a ladybug,
other symbol of Mărțișor,

on this first day of March,
first day of spring,

until I hang my small
red and white symbol of hope
on all the blooming trees
of all the world. amen

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6 Responses to Prayer for Romania for Mărțișor

  1. Jessica McArdle says:

    Thank you, Maren, for speaking to our being so preoccupied with the affairs of our own country, that we are unaware of the “joys, sorrows, traditions and crises,” of others, such as Romania. Beautiful image.

  2. says:

    I always learn from your posts and I appreciate them so much. God bless you.

    Margie Galabrun

  3. Carol Lundgren says:

    Maren – this is so dear.

    I have just discovered NEW relatives in Boston and am looking forward to meeting this young couple this summer. The husband is from Romania and they are going to move to his homeland for a few years this Fall. I have shared your piece with them! God is always speaking!

    We had a lovely service (by Zoom) to ordain Tere yesterday. Very sweet and amazing to blend her peeps from Michigan, Colorado and other states with our folks here to make it all happen. Quite a journey for FCCW. Thank you once again for being the spiritual glue over the advent season!

    Peace be with you,


    On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 6:57 AM Gifts in Open Hands wrote:

    > Maren posted: ” God, I celebrate with Romaniaon this Mărțișor – first day > of spring,glad for my friendwho shares her traditionof the red and white > stringworn from this March 1until the day when trees bloom,and then hung on > the trees.I confess, Holy One,that I know so li” >

    • Maren says:

      Thank you. Carol, and isn’t it wonderful to find new relations. I am so thrilled for Tere and for the church. I will send her a card … I celebrate my 40th year ordained this month and it doesn’t matter how long — I still remember the joy of that experience.

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