Reflection on John 2: 13-15

As John remembered it,
Jesus began his ministry
(after making a miracle of joy
for an ordinary couple’s wedding)

by turning over tables
in the Temple.

For John, it wasn’t the last straw –
it was the inauguration,
“God’s house is not a marketplace!”

Though the fact the other gospel writers
mention it near the end
probably means –
he did it every time he saw
a holy space become a robber’s den.

Mark remembered that Jesus said,
“God’s house shall be called
a house of prayer for all nations.”

For what nation
have you prayed today?

And, if you are or will be soon
in-person at worship,
are your church tables right-way-up

and holding grace for all?

Art  — 6th century, Rossano Gospel, Calabria Italy

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6 Responses to Reflection on John 2: 13-15

  1. fbcxmacon says:

    This is a beautiful perspective, Maren. Thank you. — Kathy

  2. This is a beautiful perspective, Maren. Thank you for always placing challenges before us. — Kathy

  3. I love this Maren. I think you’ve opened a window into Jesus’ ministry. I suspect you’re quite right that he reacted just that way every time he saw sacred spaces turned into marketplaces.

    And I suspect God still does.

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