Prayer for Aotearoa New Zealand

(News changes even as I am writing this. Check for your news sources)

God, our refuge and strength
we pray in the shaking of land
Richter Scale 7.3,
and eight aftershocks,
and evacuation for tsunami,
even as it is called off,
and called on again,
for Bay of Islands
to Whangarei and Great Barrier Island,

but also for the shaking of fear
that is always deep
beneath of the emotional surface
of a land so damaged
by earlier earthquakes.

Though the earth changes
and mountains shake in the sea’s heart,
may there be stillness of anxiety,
vigilance among those always scanning,
guidance for professionals
prepared to respond
in an instant to rescue and shelter,
to check for cracks in buildings,
and the safety of train tracks

and courage for everyone
who cares for a neighbor,
when earth trembles
and the waters roar and foam.

(with words from Psalm 46)

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4 Responses to Prayer for Aotearoa New Zealand

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Thank you. Such an immediate response to events on the other side of the world that only began to unfold a few hours ago is astounding, and beautiful. Your incredible aware of crises and trauma on a world wide scale suggests a special connection to an all embracing Divine. So far things are OK. Tsunami is a possibility but there is time and at-risk communities ae evacuating.

    • Maren says:

      Are all of your family safe, Rosalie? We do get very delayed news. I am trying to keep up with it, but it is definitely behind.

      • Rosalie Sugrue says:

        Despite the quakes being big one (always scary) there was no major damage and no reported injuries. Quite amazing! Tsunami was the big danger but the evacuations went like clockwork and only small waves and unusual currents appeared. The North Island was on alert all day causing some disruption but the general feeling is it was an excellent disaster drill.

      • Maren says:

        I am so very glad to know it. My images of tsunamis from friends in Japan and Indonesia who have lived through them are terrifying.

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