Prayer for Indonesia / Doa untuk Indonesia

Risen Christ you walk from the garden
of resurrection
directly into the wind and mud,
where Cyclone Seroja has blown
and flood and landslide
have brought so much sorrow.

We pray for Adonara and Timor-Leste,
Tuhan kasihanilah.
For Lembata, facing the rocks
of Lewotolok volcano,
Kristus kasihanilah.
For Australia in the cyclone’s path,
Tuhan kasihanilah.

For those who are grieving,
those who are searching for loved ones,
those whose homes, schools,
places of work,
are damaged or destroyed.

Lord, have mercy, Christ have mercy,
and may we be the hands and feet
of your risen love. amen.

It was my thought that the call from God to make a place of prayer for all nations as my calling, this Lent — not as in a “place where people from all nations could pray, though that is my hope and the heart of new project of a chapbook of poetry for the Peace Cathedral in the Republic of Georgia, as within a Baptist Church sanctuary they build a synagogue and a mosque — but as my praying for the nations of the world for which people of my homeland, beloved homeland, the United States, can often remain unaware because the newsfeed of our own election, struggle with covid, gun tragedies, is so prominent.

But it is not just for Lent — this is the call of Eastertide and Pentecost, this is the call of all our Ordinary and Extraordinary time — to pray for the world and for all God’s children.

Seacoast New Hampshire, where I live is the third largest concentration of new Americans who have come from Indonesia in the United States. I served ten years in a church which was Anglo in the morning but companioned with a UCC congregation that worshiped in Bahassa Indonesia. Truly today we are praying for the beloveds of many neighbors.

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5 Responses to Prayer for Indonesia / Doa untuk Indonesia

  1. Laurie Rowan says:

    Thank you, Maren, for shifting our focus of our own country to other parts of the world in need of prayer. The news in her in the states is too often centered on events here and ignores the rest of the world.

  2. Amen! For all the world’s people, we pray.

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