Under Colorado clouds

I disembark from the airplane
and begin to unwrap
from the layers of mask and flight-fear,
strip to nothing and drop clothes
in the washing machine.

I touch the naked place
near my shoulder
where I was vaccinated,
which I do daily
for a moment of gratitude
and to pray for those
who don’t have this blessing,
those who grieve
those who continue to die.

I also unwrap from the busyness
of church and holy week,
finishing an interim –
(no one actually can see
those gyrations)
It’s also a sweet mixture
of gratitude and prayer.

I take the hands of two small boys
who want us to see the stick-dam
they built in the creek
that does not stop the water
but sends it a new direction.

We hurry before rain comes,
but thunder booms
from the clouded general direction
of unseen Rockies,
when we are farthest from home.

My airplane-twisted body
unfolds happily in our rush,
but first we pause,
to express our admiration
for this small dam.

I touch my arm again,
grateful in this moment
for those younger or older,
who make the incredible efforts
to divert to safer paths
what cannot be stopped.

(this very fresh poem also serves as a “Vacation responder”. I will be only a little online for the next three weeks, checking in as best I can, but being present to this time of family and in evening hours to a chapbook anthology we are editing. I am anticipating some guest posts to share with you.)

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8 Responses to Under Colorado clouds

  1. Linda Wygant says:

    Blessings on your time of refreshment with family!

  2. Deane says:

    I love your phrasing, the images you create in my mind and the things you find worthy to mention – small hands and stick dams as well as interim ministry. Enjoy your family ❤️

  3. Marie Lucca says:

    Beautiful. Enjoy the sanctuary of your family.

  4. dabar96 says:

    … the stick-dam
    they built in the creek
    that does not stop the water
    but sends it a new direction.

    For new directions we lift our hearts in praise!

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