Prayer of Support for Israel’s Day of Mourning

O Holy One, God of peace and comfort,
who rests with the sorrows of all your children,
we pray for those who grieve today
in Israel’s day of mourning
for the forty-five who died at Mt. Meron,
on Lag BaOmer,
remembering Shimon bar Yochai
celebrating the Zohar and its mysticism.

May the condolences of those far away
fall tender on their hearts,
the brightness of good memories
shine like the light of a bonfire,
the kindnesses of friend and family
ease the terrible loss
and pain in a time with no answers.

Blessed and praised be your name, O Holy One,
beyond blessings and hymns,
praises and consolations spoken in the world.

May there be abundant peace from heaven,
life for all the world,
and especially this day for all Israel, Amen.

(final six lines gratefully received and imperfectly offered from the Mourner’s Kaddish)

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1 Response to Prayer of Support for Israel’s Day of Mourning

  1. Beautiful. Your poetic prayers speak to circumstances/nuances of loss across the religious and geographical spectrum. Thank you too for including the Mourner’s Kaddish.

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