Prayer after the Mexico City Overpass Collapse

God who promises to be with us
when we go out and when we come in,
we are grateful that you traveled
on the Golden Line last night
in Mexico City,
when the elevated track collapsed,

present with those suspended
in the subway train,
present with those in the street below
as the debris fell, trapping cars,
present with firefighters and rescue workers
who rushed to their support,
present with the workers in hospitals
receiving disaster victims.

You were with them
in the overpass of the valley of death.

We pray now for your presence
with families and friends
of the twenty-three that died
as they grieve,
with those who care for
the seventy hospitalized,
with those who suffer,
and will continue to suffer, trauma,
with those who try to understand
what caused the collapse,
with everyone who must board
a subway train today.

God, ¡Presente! you are here with us. amen.

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1 Response to Prayer after the Mexico City Overpass Collapse

  1. beegood1 says:

    Amen 🙏

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