Prayer for San Jose

Surround, O God, with light –

those who grieve their losses
at the Light Rail Yards in San Jose,
those who had no chance
to save good-bye,
those who will not
have them as neighbors, mentors,
grandparents, friends,
those whose arms are empty.

Surround, O God, with light –

those who will be afraid once again
to take public transportation,
to go to work,
to shop at the grocery store,
to live normal lives,
even to sleep at night.

Surround, O God, with light –

those who work
to take the guns away
and spare us all
the terrible grief and fear. amen

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5 Responses to Prayer for San Jose

  1. Laurie Rowan says:

    Thank you, Maren, for your words that express the grief and anger we all feel as more lives are needlessly lost to gun violence.

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  3. Thanks Maren. I ache for the day when we have sensible guns control laws. Last week there were three children shot in separate incidents in Minneapolis, one of whom died and another was shot in the head.

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