Pitching our Tents: Poetry of Hospitality — new chapbook

Maria Mankin and I have just edited and published a chapbook Pitching Our Tents: Poetry of Hospitality in support of the Peace Cathedral in the Republic of Georgia’s physical and spiritual embrace of full Interfaith community. It includes the works of thirty-two contributors from seven countries beyond Georgia sharing experiences of inclusion and connection. 

Peace Cathedral in the Republic of Georgia was established as First Baptist Church of Tbilisi in 1867. Its history is full of dangerous activist stands, and it has been involved in interfaith work for more than twenty years, trusted by Muslim, Jewish, Yezidi and other religious traditions, in a context where the more dominant Christian culture often responds violently against minorities. They are constructing a mosque and a synagogue under the roof of their church building to turn it into a spiritual home for Abrahamic faiths. In addition, there is a Centre for Interfaith Dialogue, an interfaith adult library and a children’s library with programming and summer camps. Their pilgrimage program brings people to visit the Republic of Georgia to learn about the hopes and struggles of people of all of these faiths.

Pitching Our Tents: Poetry of Hospitality is offered in support of this project, as the writers focus on issues of inclusion and connection in their own situations and from their own history or heritage. These are extraordinary poems from widely varied perspectives.

This book’s purpose is to raise awareness of Peace Cathedral’s work and to raise money for its ongoing project. If you would like to receive a copy of the book, please follow these instructions to make a donation (suggested donation $10):

  1. Go here to donate to the Peace Cathedral via the Alliance of Baptists.
  2. To pay by credit card, select 1. On the second line of the form, where it states, “Other Designation,” please write in Peace Project – Tbilisi. To pay by check, choose 3, and write in Peace Project – Tbilisi on the Memo line.
  3. Use this Book Funnellink to receive your free electronic copy of Pitching Our Tents: Poetry of Hospitality with a choice of e-book formats or a PDF, in thanks for your support of the Peace Cathedral.
  4. If you would like a print copy, it is available on Amazon. We’ve set the cost as low as Amazon will allow (this only covers the printing cost). We do not receive royalties from this, nor will the proceeds go to the Peace Cathedral, so if you’d like to support them, please follow the donation steps above.  

This is a free e-book. If you can’t make a donation but would still like to receive a copy, enjoy it and share this information with those you know who might be interested in learning more about the Peace Cathedral’s mission or need encouragement with their own struggle for justice, reconciliation and hospitality.”

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14 Responses to Pitching our Tents: Poetry of Hospitality — new chapbook

  1. Joyce Ray says:

    Thank you for posting about this exciting project. I will follow the instructions for the electronic copy and wonder if there is a way to receive a hard copy. I do love holding a book in my hands!

    • Maren says:

      Because this is so international our main sale is e-books (Let me tell you about shipping even a little book to Australia). However, we made a run of print copies for the contributors. That generated a print copy available on Amazon. You can order it there for under $4.00, but all of that money goes to them for printing costs. It doesn’t go to the Peace Cathedral or to us. Lots of folks agree with you about holding a book. I would love it if you would use the honor system and make a small donation through the Alliance of Baptists and then ordeer a copy. Thanks for asking.

  2. mbmankin says:

    Congratulations on the publication of this diverse chap book. Having been to the Peace Cathedral as part of our group’s pilgrimage to the Republic of Georgia in 2016, I am thankful for this effort to support their interfaith peace endeavors! I look forward to reading these wonderful poems and prayers.

  3. smstrouse says:

    Maren, are you considering submitting a proposal to present this at the virtual Parliament of the World’s Religions?

  4. Mary Appelt - Graves says:

    Lovely. I am enjoying the perspectives and the faith within

  5. stitchbird@xtra.co.nz says:

    Hi Maren and Maria

    What a gift this is. I have not been able to access the Baptist Alliance page to make a donation. I will keep trying.


    Lynne Frith

    • Maren says:

      Lynne, They launched a new website last week!! Here is the new (as of yesterday) information:
      Information is now correct above and I will also email it to you.

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