Prayer for Burkina Faso

God, All-Compassionate, All-Merciful,
we weep for Burkina Faso,
joining in their three days of mourning,
in the lifting up of bodies,
from mass graves,
and laying them to honored rest –
parents, children, brothers and sisters,
one-hundred-sixty or more
of your children in Solhan,
at least fourteen more in Tadaret.

We grieve with all the world,
naming the burning of homes,
destruction of markets,
forcing of a million from their homes.

We name looting,
deep sources of food insecurity,
kidnapping, an atmos-fear
that steals the laughter
from the mouths of children.

We pray for the return to peace
to the Burkinabé theatre and cinema,
to the International Art and Craft Fair
of Ouagadougou,
the Festival of masks in Dédougou,
the soccer matches of “Les Etalons,”

all that is hopeful,
all that makes Burkina Faso,
not only a place of violence,
but truly a gift to the world.


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