Prayer for Firefighters in the US West

God, known and named
by the fire that did not consume,
just a bright image of holy
in Moses heart,

I have reminded myself with parables,
lifting up my face
in the pouring Northeastern rain,
removing the church candles
so today they will not be lit,

of seventy fires raging in eleven states,
of the immensity of Bootleg,
of losses so early in this wildfire season,
and especially of red flag warnings
in three states, meaning
all the firefighters are working,
none can come to a new fire.

I pray for firefighters, exhausted,
struggling against the new blazes,
the winds, the high heat.

I pray for those who have seen
friends’ ranches or homes destroyed,
cows and horses,
wild creatures of the forest die,
homeless children crying.

I pray for firefighters flying low,
digging, cutting, evacuating
those who stay too late.

I pray for those discouraged, injured,
just so tired they can barely stand,
lonely for their own homes,
their own families and beds,
and for a shower.

I pray for them signs of hope
that will not be consumed,
and for all of us, deep gratitude.

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5 Responses to Prayer for Firefighters in the US West

  1. Amen -right with you❤

  2. So many prayers needed, from the pain of a hurting planet.

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