Prayer for Haiti

God, for Haiti we pray,
in the midst of earthquake,
the deep and fatal line of brokenness
along the memory of eleven years ago.

and also shadows of newer memories,
the devastation of covid
and aftermath of distrust and fear
from the assassination.

We pray for those who grieve
loved ones who have died,
for those who search, because it is their job
or their desperation, the lost,
hoping they are alive.

We pray for those whose homes are gone,
whose roads travel nowhere,
whose work, food, schools
have all disappeared.

We pray in anticipation
of aftershock and liquifaction,
and in the expectation|
of winds and rain
from Tropical Storm Grace,

we pray for the simpler grace
of support and rescue from all the world.

Bondye gen pitye, Kris la gen pitye,
Bondye gen pitye. Amèn

(with special thanks to Moira Finley)

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3 Responses to Prayer for Haiti

  1. Christine MacDowall says:

    Amen, amen

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