Prayer for Afghanistan

God of many names, the Generous,
the All-Merciful, the Source of Peace,

we pray in thanks for Afghanistan
land of pomegranates and grapes,
birthplace of Rumi,
and ‘I am the beggar of the world,’
landays of contemporary Afghan women.

We celebrate people –
Tajik and Hazaras, Uzbek and Pashtun.
We hear tabla, sitar, santur, tabur, flute,
and watch the attan danced.
We gaze upon art ancient and new –
miniatures and the weaves of rugs,
like no other in the world.

All earth opens its hands
and receives the gifts of Afghans,
and all the people pray,
each in their own many names and words
for safety of Afghans in these days –
seeking evacuation in the airport
moving quickly on the street,
hiding in homes,
wondering about schools.

For those who evacuate
and for those who wait for what is next,

for those who are foreign nationals,
and those bone-deep with history in the hills,

for faithful journalists still reporting,
and medical facilities desperate
for blocked supplies,

for Sikh and Hindu communities
and their holy places,

for the welcome of Australia and Uganda,
and families across the ocean and near at hand
grieving loved ones lost,
life, body, mind in the long war.

for the afghan elder who has seen much
and the child born today
who will grow up to give a new gift,

we pray, O Compassionate, O Preserver. amen

Afghan carpet, public domain
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7 Responses to Prayer for Afghanistan

  1. Thanks Maren, for your heartfelt prayer.

  2. Thank you for this prayer. I think at this time of my dear brother-in-law and his family and other Afghan refugees who have come to Australia, often under great difficulty, and pray for others worried about their future or anxious for people they know.

    • Maren says:

      I am so glad that he is safely there and pray that more places may open doors. some of my dearest students in English learning classes (which is one of my side jobs) are Afghans and my heart breaks for them.

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