And Paul’s metaphors still speak to every Ephesus, even in 2021

(Ephesians 6: 13-18. And this is perhaps the translation I will actually preach.)

Therefore put on the sunscreen of God,
for there is no armor, money, last minute plan,
to assure wealthy nations
they will withstand the evil of global warming,
but do everything to ease the burning,
for you have skin in the game
and they are called – children.

Fasten the belt of vaccination
around the world,
and wear the mask of compassion
wherever you go …
did I already mention children?

The shoes on your feet may look
Jimmy Choo, Sketcher, or
Momo Baby Leah and Hunter,
but it surely is not boots on the ground
that spread peace.

Remember faith is not a “shield”
but a yield, a healed,
an open door for Afghans and Haitians,
and the remarkable gifts of people
from around the world,

and let no one complain of burkas
in other places,
who puts mortar board helmets
on the rich and privileged
but limits any opportunities
for others because of race, ethnicity,
ability, economic status.  

The Spirit is not a sword but an empty hand,
a mind open to the justice of God,
a heart that prays all the names of God,

and the One who calls us to give Breath
to everyone, especially the children.

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9 Responses to And Paul’s metaphors still speak to every Ephesus, even in 2021

  1. Oh, thank you for this, Maren. I told you I needed some lightness. May I quote from the first two stanzas in this Sunday’s sermon?

  2. Nancy Donovan says:

    You are amazing 🥲

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  3. I love both your Ephesians 6 versions: they are both very powerful and relevant to many.

    • Maren says:

      Thank you … I do hav a version of this passage I used in a nursing home one January … much gentler “Therefore take up the mittens of God, so that you may be able to reach out to other people when they are slipping on the ice of life and give them a firmer footing.” to each time and setting the passage speaks.

  4. LL DuBreuil says:


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