A School Blessing

Invite people to bring these objects – a notebook (paper), a tablet or laptop, a soccer ball, a jar of peanut better, an apple, a peach, a mask, either a container of construction paper or enough crayons so everyone can have one.

A person brings each object forward, in the above order, and that person does the leading line or the worship leader does the leading line while the object is touched. The construction paper or crayons go a table by the door. (“L” is Leader and “M” is Many)


L: God, a notebook reminds us of letters, words and numbers, of history told honestly and science shared with excitement, of shop and Spanish, art and band, and all the unexpected things that will be learned this year.

M: We bless this notebook and all the subjects that school will open like beautiful doors.

L: God, a tablet/laptop reminds us of the many ways that technology enriches education for every age, and remains the fallback when in-person school needs to shift to virtual education.

M: We bless this tablet/laptop for the remarkable gifts of global connection and for classrooms online and on-lively.

L: God, a soccer ball reminds us of extracurricular experiences – sports and drama, band and clubs, and so many others which enrich the work we do in class.

M: We bless this ball and ask that school-sponsored programs “roll” freely, so that everyone has something special, something fun.

L: God, we pray for the food provided in schools for all – breakfast, lunches, and on weekends.

M: We bless this peanut butter to symbolize our school’s commitment to all families.

L: God, we are grateful to teachers for everything they teach, everything they do, everything they risk, everything they manage, and we are grateful to substitute teachers who respond quickly to a call and the aides who broaden the access of classrooms.

M: We bless this apple for those who teach.

L: God, there are so many “Peaches” – administrators, librarians, custodial staff, drivers, monitors, coaches, Board members, resource officers and a host of special folks who make the school day possible. (add to this as necessary)

M: We bless with our deep gratitude the work especially of those not often seen.

L: God, a mask is the way all of us say “I care about you” to one another.

M: We bless this mask that symbolizes protecting safety, and we ask your special tenderness for those for whom it is difficult, especially those with breathing issues, hearing loss, and conflicted families.

L: And now, God, we place at the back of the church construction paper (or crayons), earliest educational equipment, for everyone to take home and remember to keep learning every day.

Will students, teachers and those involved in education please raise a hand if they are able.

M: God, may we all learn this year and may we all teach. Bless each school and each home school, and bless this church to be a place of learning, for we pray through Jesus Christ who was most often known as Teacher.

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9 Responses to A School Blessing

  1. beegood1 says:


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  2. basmerek says:

    Beautifully written!!

  3. LL DuBreuil says:

    Each week I ask “What’s in the Big, Red Bag?” Then I pull something out and it becomes my young peoples’ message. This week, I can pull these many things out of the bag and we can use your liturgy — with credit of course! Thank you so much!!

  4. Thank you for this Maren. We will be using it for Children’s Sabbath in October.

  5. Deane says:

    This is so very needed!
    ‘… for we pray through Jesus Christ who was most often known as teacher.’ ❤️

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