Prayer for Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña

God, we pray for fourteen thousand,
mostly Haitian,
many, many families,
fleeing the turmoil
after the assassination,
after the earthquake, the storm.

Under the bridge
are people who have come
from very troubled waters.

People lay themselves down
on squares of cardboard,
blankets, under tents made of reeds
to wait for what will come.
Now, expulsion seems imminent,
before a chance to seek asylum.
Hunger and disease grow,
and desperation is in the air.

So many are weary, feeling lost,
times are so rough
and pain is all around.

Comfort them
and find them comforters.
Be with those who are processing,
people of the two small cities,
those who send aid,
those with power,

A bridge is a place to cross over,
not to sit under and weep. amen

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