Prayer for the Supply Chain

Jesus, our divine companion,
hear my prayer,
biased as daughter of a truck driver,
for all of those who complain
about the supply chain
affecting their Christmas spending
as if there were a machine

to be repaired by allowing
twenty-four-hour workdays
and the suspension of
safe weight limits on highways,

and not ordinary people facing
mandatory overtime and exhaustion ­–­
port workers and drivers,
unloaders, loaders, stockers,
soon to be blamed for accidents.

Give us compassion, patience,
and the wisdom to prioritize
medicine, food, that which is critical,

and take away, O God, this metaphor,
especially in my country
where people with my color of skin
already have a terrible history
with chains. amen.

(Labor Day Hymn Henry Van Dyke, 1909

Jesus, our divine companion,
By your lowly human birth
You have come to join all workers,
Burden-bearers of the earth.
As the carpenter of Naz’reth,
Toiling for your daily food,
By your patience and your courage,
You have taught us work is good.)

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5 Responses to Prayer for the Supply Chain

  1. dabar96 says:

    Oh, the chains that must be broken,
    and the words that need be spoken!
    Thank you, Maren.

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  3. dianejyoung says:

    Thank you for this perspective that I had not thought about.

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