Prayer for Kazakhstan

God, we pray for the sorrows
of Kazakhstan.
You who love without limit,
care without cursing,
hold all your people
without breaking their spirits,

be among those who hear,
“kill without warning”
when they seek to protest.

Inspire peace in the leaders
of this and supporting nations who call
for calm through violence.

Comfort those who are afraid,
who cannot afford fuel or food or hope,
who live in desperate conditions,
and do not lie down in safety.

Open the heart of your world.

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4 Responses to Prayer for Kazakhstan

  1. Pejj Nunes says:

    Prayers for lasting changes, may love over come the violence. Compassion, empathy be the guidance. May hearts see the truth of the matter.

  2. Jessica McArdle says:

    Yes, Open the heart of your world! May it be so.

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