Roll the Scroll – Luke 4 for preachers

I am wearing my preaching shoes,
with a rainbow of shiny glass jewels,
pointed toes, and  
the most comfortable sole
I’ve stood up in for a long time.

You see, we don’t sit down
to preach anymore,
because pulpits help us get a grip,
and maybe sometimes we have
an attitude of altitude
about what we are going to say.

There is plenty of message for everyone
in Jesus’ reading Isaiah,

but the poke at proud preachers
isn’t only Luke reminding
his audience of the common practice
of standing for scripture
and sitting down for what is always
only personal interpretation.

Even Jesus rolls the scroll,

never pretending that even he
has the one-and-only meaning
for the holy words,

much less we preachers
who also must learn to roll the scroll,
even if we stand shaking a little
at some pulpit,

which is not to say
that we shouldn’t wear the best shoes,
sequins and all,
that help us escape the cliff.

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7 Responses to Roll the Scroll – Luke 4 for preachers

  1. Wonderful! We need to hear this. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Maren, for the reminder of humility – and the glimpse of your glistening shoes.

  3. Laurie Rowan says:

    Love your preacher shoes, Maren! I’m off to read Luke 4, now.

  4. How quirky and insightful! Wish I had preaching shoes like yours – the coloured glitter and the comfortable soles! I tend to grip with my feet and pay for it with aches! Mind you, I sometimes enjoy a little “attitude of altitude”, but also “rolling the scroll”!

    • Maren says:

      O yes! we all do … on the altitude because honestly we believe what we are saying. But still it is our interpretation. I am going to give the reader the pulpit and sit down below to preach. I’m only here two months, so they won’t complain too much.

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