Praying for our losses of guides

God grant me the serenity
of Thich Nhat Hanh,
to change the world one petal,
one small wakeup, one unwillingness
to worship the finger that points.

God grant me the courage
of Desmond Tutu,
to hold activism and reconciliation
in tired but willing hands,
change many hearts,
write books children can read.

God, grant me the wisdom
to find the many new true words
of people never seen on newsfeeds,
to be glad for silence,

and to honor the wise past
by taking the daily path.


(reflection in my tradition using Niebuhr’s or someone’s else’s Serenity Prayer, experts do keep arguing whether it is anonymous)

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4 Responses to Praying for our losses of guides

  1. Oh yes, amen! How often you awaken the tears of recognition and shared prayer! God, help me find this serenity, this courage and this wisdom in my retirement. Amen.

  2. Jessica McArdle says:

    Profound as well as beautiful, Maren. Thank you!

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