Winter Version of Morning has Broken (Bunessan)

(Hold on to this for six month friends in the southern hemisphere)

Morning has woken, like the first morning,
Icicles broken, sparkle and shine.
Bulbs’ deep creation, bears’ hibernation –
Pauses our rushing, blesses our time.

Sweet the snow’s new fall, under Orion,
laughter with snowball, angels spread wide,
Praise for the waiting for hidden wonder.
Praise for compassion to shelter inside.

Mine is the firelight of friendship treasured,
mine is the pleasure of book read, phone call.
Praise for the welcome to every cold one,
Praise for the welcome, God’s children all.

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16 Responses to Winter Version of Morning has Broken (Bunessan)

  1. Karen R. Kinney says:

    you make want to like winter! Thank you, I needed this as I look out at a snowy landscape that will have some melting today but back to frigid temps tomorrow!

  2. brilliantly creative. thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely poem!
    But it’s still cold.

    Winter ain’t fun.

  4. Kathy Brett says:

    Thank you, I love this, especially after a snow storm this weekend. Blessings, Kathy

  5. says:

    Dear Maren, Absolutely wonderful! As read it, my mind and heart sung it. Blessings of Peace, Patricia Wood Mountain Neighbors Helping NeighborsDirector and Spiritual Care CoordinatorWebsite:   mnhn95033.orgmnhn95033@gmail.com408-353-4565

  6. June Goudey says:

    Lovely! Maren…well done

  7. Helps us upside down people feel part of your different winter!

  8. Very beautiful. Thank you for this.

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