Guest Post by Carol Hallman — Jesus on the Mountain

To the mountain
He went
Whenever he needed
Time apart
Time with
The holy
The Spirit
This mystical

When he
Wasn’t sure
(and even when
     He was)
When he
Had questions
(and even when
     He didn’t)
When he was
   (and even when
      He wasn’t)
When he just
Needed to think
And to listen
And be

Before he chose
His closest followers
Before he stepped
Into the brokenness
Of the world
To bind the wounds
To heal the hearts
To welcome the lost
To touch the untouchable

Before he sat
In front of the
Multitudes and taught
Blessings and woes
Challenging the
Religious thought
Of the day about
God’s kin-dom
Of who’s in
And who’s not

On the mountain
He would breathe
In the breath
Of God
Calming his heart
Centering his spirit
Each step
Of the journey

Even when
(Especially when)
It dawned on
Him where
This journey
Would take him

Another mountain
Love poured out

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4 Responses to Guest Post by Carol Hallman — Jesus on the Mountain

  1. Arnetta Jones says:

    Beautiful. You ladies fill my soul.

  2. This is so beautiful and filled with love!

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