We grieve the storytellers

There is an old passage
from the biblical book of Numbers
about Moses putting a bronze serpent
on a pole because so many people
had been bitten,
and when they looked at it,
a healing began.

I am grateful for journalists,
who go in places of danger
to give us with words pictures,
holding before our eyes
the snake-tail of truth,
and I grieve
when they are targeted and die.

So I give thanks for
Pierre Zakrzewski, from Ireland,
camera operator for Fox news,
who went to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria,
known for being
committed to telling the stories,
for his boundless energy
and his positive spirit.

And I give thanks for
Olexsandra Kuvshynova, Ukrainian,
journalist, translator, navigator,
remembered as witty and brave,
only twenty-four years of age.

We grieve these storytellers,
who name the poisons in society,
who report the world’s twisted things
and so many others,
who are not the violence
but who name it,
who are press and who press us,
until they are cut down,

and we are grateful for their lives.

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4 Responses to We grieve the storytellers

  1. Marie Lucca says:

    As the mother of one of those journalists who puts himself in harm’s way everyday to report on extremist groups, I am grateful for this prayer!

    • Maren says:

      I will put him in my prayers. In a past church I was a friend of James Foley’s father. So many journalists are so passionate they return again and again.

  2. God we thank you for their lives. And please protect the ones still there. May this war be over soon. Amen.

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